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Students often find the transition to graduate work as a challenge.  The University of Maryland has a diverse student demographic with a demanding core course load. A student may experience academic, work, and life situations that may feel overwhelming and stressful at times.  A coaching service provides students the opportunity for individualized work with a professional regarding personal goals, concerns, and stressors.  In addition, coaching is a proactive measure for potential emergent or stress-inducing experiences to safely express goals, concerns, and general experience during graduate study.         

What is Coaching?

Coaching assists students in their personal and professional growth through the development of realistic and relevant goals. These goals may include improving communication, clarifying career aspirations, increasing productivity, balancing work/life commitments, and changing health habits. 

Working with a coach enables students to gain insight, articulate goals, and develop measurable outcomes.  The student and coach then work to take concrete actions, supporting the client’s agenda and using the client's talents.   

Coaching is not a substitute for mental health services.  Coaching differs from therapy, in that the main focus does not include mental health diagnoses and/or concerns. 

Coaching may be appropriate for the following challenges:

  • Establishing and completing important goals (e.g., finishing a dissertation)
  • Becoming more effective at work or study
  • Re-adapting to an academic environment after years in the "real world”
  • Recognizing the need for a change but being unable to identify exactly what that change should be
  • Needing assistance with developing and executing a specific plan
  • Learning how to effectively manage the boundaries between work and family
  • Obtaining strategies to manage competing demands
  • Increasing level of control in choosing how to interact with stressful environment
  • Assessing personal strengths/assets to overcome challenges
  • Strengthening personal and professional social network

The Wellness Hub’s coaching process includes four steps:

  1. Take Your Wellness Assessment and Get Your Scores: [CLICK HERE] Students will complete the Wellness Hub’s assessment in the 8 dimensions of wellness and academic-life balance. Students receive wellness and satisfaction scores in each section and discover where they are in most need of change. If students take advantage of coaching services Wellness Coaches will review the scores with students.
  2. Take the First Step in Creating Your Personal Wellness Plan: Students utilize online tools to create 3-5 wellness action steps in the areas they are most motivated to change. Students may meet with their wellness coach to go over their wellness plan and discuss their strategies.
  3. Meet with Your Wellness Coach: Students will utilize tools/programs/events to help in achieving their wellness plan and to meet their goals.
  4. Supporting Ongoing Wellness: Students can re-assess in six months and monitor their progress. Continued wellness coaching is optional

If you would like more information about Coaching or are interested in setting up an appointment to see if you would benefit from Coaching, please, contact the Wellness Hub at